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Hi Beautiful is a holistic Eating Disorder Recovery practice, focusing on individualized treatment, embodied integration, and conscious living.

I adopt a holistic approach to Eating Disorder recovery, considering the multidimensional nature of health, vitality, and personal wholeness.

Eating disorders rob those affected of an essential sense of connectedness, not only to their own bodies but also to their internal experiences, important relationships, and a sense of place and purpose in the world. This is significant, and Hi Beautiful recognizes this complexity, supporting clients to evolve and grow beyond the tangible goal of restoring a balanced relationship with food.

We understand that achieving vital wellness is about how you feel when you wake in the morning, the energy in your body, the clarity of your mind, the vibrancy in your heart, and the belief in yourself that you can stay healthy. Weight restoration is a critical piece of the puzzle, but it's just that, only a piece. Recovery is finding harmony of the body, mind, and soul. This balance is achieved through creating space for deep inquiry into the ways in which we relate to our beliefs, physical being, and the world. Together we work towards peaceful union by adopting new awareness and developing aligned tools to replace disordered patterns, restoring balance to the elements of health.


Coaching is individually tailored because treatments, strategies, and outcomes depend on the individual's unique circumstances, preferences, and required level of care. Wherever you are in your journey, we’ll explore ways to nourish yourself, both physically, emotionally, and energetically, creating the blueprint for a life of vital wholeness.

The intention behind the creation of Hi Beautiful is to offer self-empowered personal development through the lens of alternative wellness. I have learned through my own lived experience of recovery that everything you endure through your struggle with food serves as your vehicle. What I mean by this is that there are profound blessings hidden in the suffering. What may seem like a burden and at times feels too heavy to bear is exactly what you need to live through to grow more full and light; my work is to guide you through this experience. Hi Beautiful coaching is an offering of gentleness, deep understanding, and sunshine that humanises the experience of suffering.

Meet me

It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Holly Sunday, CCI certified Recovered, Recovery Coach. You’ll find me in Byron Bay Aus, where I live with intentional slowness and balance.

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I love to surf, grow flowers, talk to strangers at the market, and read novels for days. I've found my place, my lifestyle, and a community that aligns with my core values and supports who I am and what I want to do in this world. But I didn't always have this clarity, and things didn't always look and feel this way. What I've always known is that I wanted to exist in this world with meaning, be happy, and add meaning to the world. I searched for this by trying on different identities and roles in society. What I needed was to be myself, but what I found were inauthentic clones of who I thought the world wanted me to be. The more I tried to find my place through the path of social conditioning, the more dissociated I became with my body and my intuition.

"I believe in conscious recovery. To me, that means understanding the bigger picture of things, developing intimate awareness of our internal world, and learning its capacity to influence our external experience."

Conscious recovery is choosing to use your suffering as a vehicle to expand beyond the confines of your conditioned smallness. Conscious recovery is embodying the teachings and lessons that recovery offers, and taking these learnings beyond the recovery sphere and into your everyday motivations and actions.

I am endlessly grateful for my path up to this point, and there is a fire in my belly that is so inspired to be helping others forge their own unique path to personal wellness. You are so worthy of complete freedom and endless sunny days.


~ Holly Sunday.


I acknowledge the traditional custodians and ancestors of the land on which I live, work and play, the Arakwal and Bundjalung Nations.
I acknowledge their continuing connection to land, waters and community and pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.

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